My Anti Inflammatory Diet: The Story

A few months ago i went to visit my parents. i don’t live in the same country as they do so i make an effort to visit them at least 4 times a year. My stay varies between a long weekend to two weeks and they are six to eight weeks apart. I enjoy spending time with them and seeing my siblings and their family but i prefer to be in the city of my choice.

The last time i went for a long stay, i did not calculate the time gap between the two long stays.

A few days after my arrival, i started having an uncontrollable itching sensation. It was embarrassing. I first thought that i caught something from my pets. I have a cat and a dog that i had to leave back home. I booked them the vet, sent them to for a total check up and all that it entailed.

With this out of the way, and my persistent symptoms aren’t, i had to think of other triggers. I went on a spring cleaning spree with 4 gallons of vinegar and three boxes of Bicarbonate of Soda. I also hired a professional company to clean my upholstery, sofa and mattress. My house and my pets were squeaky clean.

But the symptoms persisted!

My friend who has sever allergies, suggested i go to her doctor. I did. it was a very stressful because there was a chance that i would have developed an allergy on pets. Thank God! That was negative.
I was suffering from Urticaria or what is better know as Hives. It is an autoimmune allergy that cause by stress and inflammation.

Today i am aware of the causes that would trigger an episode of hives. I am scheduling more self care to reduce daily stress. I am also experimenting in an anti-inflammatory diet.

In this series, i will focus on the diet. I am pretty sure it will not be an easy task, but I can manage to make it an 80/20 part of my food intact. the aim is 80% of my diet is going to be anti inflammatory while the 20% will be my cheats.


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