Meal Plan Vs. Menu Plan

I love planning. I plan my days to the minute details. Ok, I don't do it everyday, but I do it religiously during highly busy times. I plan my months and year too.

One of my favourite planning exercise is planning my meals. There are many advantages to planning a meal. Its great for saving. I mean saving money. It cuts down the time spend in the kitchen. Not that i have a problem with that, and it is exciting. I always look forward about my cooking breaks. They relax me.

I plan my daily meals including breakfast, first snacks, lunch, second snack (usually sweet) and dinners. I alway include my drinks like water and tea infusion because I am always dehydrated. My daily plan stretches to become a weekly plan or a weekday plan. I usually leave the weekends free of planning.

I have a thing. I don't like to eat leftovers, unless there are my favorite recipes which most of the time can't be cooked for one person. For that, I taught myself to cook for one and diversify my weekly plan.

On the other hand, my menu plans are also meticulously though plans that I make them when I am cooking for friends. These include an appetiser, main dish with at lease two sides and if I am feeling generous I would add a dessert. I am not good at doing desserts.

On this blog, I will include both meal plan and menu plans to help with my weekly shopping, diet and entertaining.


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