Eating My Way Around London : The Dumpling Shack

I promised myself not to emotionally eat .. but today was an exception. I had some news that put me in a bad mood and it was around lunch time so I took the tube and headed to Old Spitfields Market for some tender loving care. I wanted to go for some dumplings a nice decent comfort food. So I headed to the Dimpling Shack. I have been seeing it a lot on my instagram feed and each time I looked at the pictures my mouth watered. Plus, Rania told me about it. She knows her food!!!
By the time i found it, i had let out some steam so I didn’t order their whole menu. I was wise enough to order two things only. The shrimp wanton with chili oil and the smashed cucumber salad.

There is so much comfort in those little purses filled with all those flavorsome mixture than just grounds you. Of course eating dumpling won’t be complete without burning ones tongue since I tend to forget that those little golden purses, not only traps hot liquid but also hot steam!

By the time I got my order I was starving. I took a seat at the high table and grabbed my chopsticks picked a wanton and gobbled it... it was hot! Not just steaming hot,  but hot as in spicy it made my eyes water. 
Thank god for smashed cucumber salad. I manage not to make a scene ( you know the one you purse you lips, keep the food in your mouth and try to suck in cool air to cool down the heat) and took a bite of salad .the cooling effect of the salad was much appreciated. Learning from my mistake, I took my time  alternating between the dumpling and cucumbers in order to have some damage control.

The couple next to me had ordered the Don Don beef noodles and I was tempted to ask them how it was, but then I told myself (me, myself and I keep talking to each other.. not always in a civil way) that I will come back another day and try different things on their menu.

I am definetly going back there for more tender loving care of a dumpling wrapped in goodiness and steamed to perfection 


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