Cooking for One: Crab Chilli Pasta

There is a Turkish saying that goes like : Babam denizde gitti, yamacağım!  which translates to if my dad gets out of the sea i will eat him.
And that summarizes my food preferences; i eat everything but fish and seafood are my favorite and specifically shellfish. So when i suffered from an unknown allergy and my doctor told me that it might be chocolate, eggs, or seafood (since i binged on those the weekend before the outbreak) i told her categorically: find something else, or you will have to keep a room just for me in the hospital because I am not removing those from my diet. Thank God it was only aspirin and nothing food related!
Anyways, 70% of my diet is seafood, and i eat it at oddly hours. I can eat fish for breakfast ... they don’t do that in the Middle East but they definitely do in Scandinavia, so why not? Bring the smoked haddock and boiled egg smorrebrod first thing in the morning.  For lunch and dinners, i have a quick go to pasta i pull out of hand if i am hungry and forgot to plan a meal j(as if this ever happens pfff!) but lets say once in a blue moon it happens, i always have pasta, tinned crab meat and chili flakes in my pantry or fresh white crab meat and red our green chili in my fridge (there is always four staples in that fridge: lemon, chili, avocados and parsley )
So for marathon day of writing a crab chili pasta looked a much needed comfort food that i can take a break and cook it in less than thirty minutes.
By the way, there is a need for transparency, i have the tinned crab meat in my pantry but i am still harnessing the courage to get over my civil war raised child and open it.

So here is the recipe for the Crab Chili Pasta:

57g linguini pasta
50 g white crab meat (or  a mix of brown and white crab meat depends on your taste)
1 red chilli or green .. i like the red for color
1 garlic clove sliced
A handful fo chopped basil (there goes the green component)
A pinch of salt and pepper

Start by boiling water with salt (the oil in water for pasta is over rated), drop your pasta once the water is rolling and cook it as package instructions.
In a pan, drizzle olive oil and add the sliced garlic, i slice the garlic simply because it is easier to pick them out of my plate ( garlic and I are not best of friends), add the chilli and crab add the basil , and

season it . (This should take at max 5 min)  add a couple of table spoons of the pasta water to give the mix a bit of a creamy consistency, you can also add a glog of white wine , add the pasta, et voila ...

Bon Appétit!


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