Eating My Way Around London: Frenchie Covent Garden 

It’s Saturday; the sun is out and I think a deserve a break from writing my second thesis chapter (even if I think I don’t but I need to get out of my PJs and see humans .... and animals too).
So I decided to head to Covent Garden and have lunch at Frenchie Covent Garden ( the OCD in me and planner aficionado already booked her seat at the counter). Frenchie has been on my list of restaurants to try, but never got around it. So I decided to brave the good weather of london and go armed with an appetite and my lactase pill. (It’s French cuisine after all)
Their menu is seasonal and quiet eclectic. Their summer menu is out, and they have a set one for lunch with a few extras and nibbles with an option of a 2 course or a 3 course meal. I opted for a 3 course meal and a nibble.

For my nibble I opted for a Cornish Oyster with Shallots, Jalapeño and Elderflower. The shallots and the jalapeño made like tiny pearls gives the oyster a surprising burst of flavors that when mixed with the saltiness of the shellfish takes it up a whole new level.

This was followed with light and fresh you would think it’s bouncing around in the sun Sea Bream Carpaccio with Avocados, Crispy Chicken Skins and Pistachios. The mix of crispy chicken skin and pistachio is one surprise to be found with a fish carpaccio. It’s adds a crispiness to the dish without interfering with the freshness of the fish . Now the surprising ingredient in this dish was the Esplette pepper... it sneaks in on you and hit you in a nice way without even a by your leave! You take a bite and then there is this lovely tingling spicy sensation in your mouth that makes you go hmmmm! Where did that come from?
The main course was a great representation for French rich cuisine with Seared Cod, basil with Berlotti Beans and Bisque. Hello sunny Saint Tropez! The smell of the fennel/ anis seed and basil in the cod dish just takes you on a beach vacation. I feel I am in a hammock by the sea with a toe dipped in the water. The cod is perfectly seared with a crispy top and the bisque with the berlotti beans just gives it a comfort food kind of feel.

I ustually don’t order desert not for health reason but because by then I am full you can roll me out of the restaurant. But this time I made an exception since they had a Banoffee, Nutmeg and Caramelized Pecan for desert .. you had me at Banoffee! And the caramelized Pecan well I don’t know about the Pecan our relationship is complicated. You won’t see me munching on them but i would definitely eat the last bit on my dish if they are included in a recipe. It’s chocolate crumble in the bottom, topped with caramelized prefab, caramelized banana, topped with a banana sorbet and all hidden under a dome of Dulce de Leche mousse .... let’s just say I am doing my Winnie the Pooh happy dance!

I feel it was a good start for eating my way around UK Best 100 Restaurant

Frenchie Covent Garden : 16 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8QH


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