Cooking For One: Quick Squid Paella

Ok, I know I said no posting and no cooking of any well thought and researched meals until I have some progress in writing .. i got a bit done, does that count?

But I need to eat! Although, a home made tuna pasta salad make a nice lunch on the go but it’s not a filling nor a  fulfilling experience. It leaves me sad! I need something more palatable! 
This morning when I grabbed my phone and logged in Instagram, I saw the story of Carters of Moseley they are number 92 of 100 best UK restaurants. they are on my list but I haven't started with the restaurants outside London yet! I will get there.... on day soon.
I have been following their stories and loving the ones with the staff meals. they have so many inspiring recipes that I picked one today for lunch. It is Polpo and Pedrone Peppers Paella. it looked so good I was daydreaming about it since I woke up. 

But first thing first.. I promised myself that I will have it for lunch if I write 1000 words of my chapter.... and I did. went to get the ingredients since to my shame my fridge was empty! at the supermarket I couldn't find polpo or octopus so I substituted it with squid. 
grabbed the ingredients and went back home to write. 
Carters of Moseley had an open fire with charcoal (do you say charcoal or coal?) on which they grilled their octopus and the padrone pepper. I live in a flat in London so this option was not available. I had to pan grill my squid .. which I overcrowded and got a bit soggy but saved the day with more frying then grilling. 
the paella is simple, I skipped the sufretto part and only used sliced onions (not even diced) and garlic as a base which I sweated, added the rice and then the stock and some paprika (I was a bit too generous for one person) and left to cook in one layer. 
in another pan I pan grilled the padrone peppers and then the squids once all was done I assembled the dish and added some roughly chopped parsley and coriander. 

I am pretty sure this is going to be a staple dish in my house.. I am actually trying it on Sunday on my friend and her family.. will see what my goddaughter will say about it!


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